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If you’ve been working on your improving your health, you might consider a time-honored, effective tactic that’s resurfaced among health-minded Americans— hydrotherapy. Ancient people in the Middle East, Asia and North America all practiced hydrotherapy through warm baths, steam rooms, sweat lodges and other methods.

Hydrotherapy is used to address a variety of health concerns, from simple stress relief and easing sore or strained muscles, to slowing inflammation, boosting hormonal function and improving circulation to internal organs. It can also be combined with massage to deliver even more health benefits. Hydrotherapy employs both hot and cold water, and sometimes both in sequence for maximal effect.

These treatments combine the health benefits of traditional hydrotherapy techniques with modern enhancements that enrich the relaxation and well-being of the patient. While you can do basic hydrotherapy elements at home, treatments delivered by a professional just might be the thing to kick-start your body into the right gear.

Vichy shower
The Vichy shower allows one to relax while enjoying a cascade of water over the body. While receiving a Vichy treatment typically involves the therapist adjusting temperature and pressure by hand before directing the shower over your body.

Warm and cool temperatures
Some hydrotherapy experiences leverage the power of warm and cool temperatures to enhance muscle relaxation and detoxification, reduce inflammation and boost metabolism. An anti-stress pressure point facial massage and cool stone eye treatment enhance the relaxation.


Saunas and steam baths are among the oldest forms of hydrotherapy. The heat from a sauna dialates blood vessels and can improve circulation. Steam can also help open airways and improve respiration.


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