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KC's Home Health Care


KC's Home Health Care is locally owned and provides high level quality service to residents of the Valley. They provide a wide range of healthcare and social services in the comfort of your home, and services can also be furnished in an assisted living facility. Home care is usually needed after a hospital stay, and is reffered by a physician or social worker.

The first location was opened in October 2006. Since then, two more locations have been opened in Peoria and Payson. KC's because Medicare certified shortly after opening and currently has 104 employees working in their offices and in the field.

KC's is currently ranked 500 out of 11,000 by the "HomeCare Elite," an annual compilation of the most successful home care providers in the US. They are recognized by John C. Lincoln and Banner Health for being the Valley's leader in decreasing re-admissions to hospitals.

Some of the services KC's provides include:

  • Physical/occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Home health aides
  • Nursing
  • Case management
  • Long-term care planning

A physician determines which services are medically necessary. The services are available to those who do not require fulltime care. They also employ a thearpy director who oversees all of their therapy work. Their goal is to educate their patients so they are able to stay in their homes and live independently.


Kerry Halcomb graduated from Langston University in Oklahoma with a degree in Physical Therapy.

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