Feeling rushed at the Doctors office?


For patients and physicians alike, the current health care environment has never been more promising, but it’s also frustrating. While there are more medical advancements and treatment options than ever before, the importance of the doctor-patient relationship has taken a backseat in the health care continuum.

For most people, this means scheduling a visit with a primary care provider can take weeks, and diagnostic testing and specialist appointments can take even longer. Office wait times are on the rise while individuals increasingly receive limited access to their doctor—often 10 minutes or less per visit.

This impacts not just the patient experience, but outcomes as well. Many physicians feel that in order to ensure optimal care, creating a stronger doctor-patient relationship is essential. More and more of them are turning to concierge medicine as an alternative. Concierge medicine is a membership-based personalized care program where patients have direct access to their physician, spend a great deal more time with their physician than the health care system traditionally allows for and focuses on prevention and wellness in addition to acute care and disease management. This type of program is a growing phenomenon which has already been embraced by thousands of physicians and patients.

Dr. Gregg Marella is one such example. He states, “With concierge medicine, patients get more of my time. I can set aside space specifically for any problems or issues that arise. Health care is more immediate and responsive.” The concierge model allows Dr. Marella to offer true continuity of care, which has already made a big difference. A patient came to him reporting
symptoms that sounded like a possible brain tumor. When tests confirmed Dr. Marella’s suspicions, he recommended a neurosurgeon. The concierge approach gave Dr. Marella the freedom to attend the neurosurgeon appointment with the patient, which turned out to be quite helpful.

Too many physicians and patients are missing out on a stronger doctor-patient relationship. Physicians and patients need access and more time with each other. Concierge medicine makes that possible.


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