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Sports injuries are an every day occurrence in today’s world. Dr. Starr has performed thousands of injections into injured muscles and ligaments. He performs physical therapy and rehabilitation. Dr. Starr has treated numerous athletes for strains and sprains of muscles and ligaments, including partial tears. He has had great success rehabilitating fractures as well. 

Dr. Starr is a medical doctor and homeopathic physician, Board Certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine. He is an international speaker and the acclaimed author of Hypothyroidism Type 2 – The Epidemic.

We are seeing a big upswing in chronic diseases today, in large part, because we have a silent epidemic of low thyroid. A vast number of cases of fatigue, joint and muscle pain, headaches, depression, infections, metabolic syndrome and more have low thyroid and iodine deficiency at their root. Hormone imbalances, chiefly low levels of usable thyroid, are responsible for many of our aches and pains.

Having dealt with his own hypothyroid issues and having to dig for answers, Dr. Starr makes an excellent advocate for those seeking competent medical treatment for chronic diseases, thyroid hormone, and balancing of bio-identical hormones.

Dr. Starr’s mastery of pain and non-invasive healing techniques led him to develop a dedicated following among those with sports injuries.

Dr. Starr believes that medicine should not be based primarily on chemistry. Every organ, every cell, every toxin vibrates at its own frequency. The body is an energetic being. Recognizing that, we can get to the root of many problems and restore health.

Please note: We cannot give personal medical advice via email or telephone to persons that are not a patient of Dr. Mark Starr

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